The Modern DLT Based Digital Banking Platform
The world’s first DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) based global banking platform for multi-currency transfers, money exchange, bill payments, storage, trade, buying, and selling of cryptocurrency

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Money Transfer Instantly in INDIA and All Across The World
We are available in INDIA, AUSTRALIA and AFRICA. In process to launch in different countries around the globe
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Simply Scan and Pay in INDIA
You can scan and pay using PAYIZA UPI to make payments anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the easy, secure and hassle free transaction.
Get Your Currencies Converted
  • Easily Convert your currencies at the minimal market rates with no charges.
  • Quick Conversion instantly within a fraction of seconds.
  • Convert Crypto to Fiat
  • Convert Crypto to Crypto
  • Convert Fiat to Crypto
An all-in-one banking and crypto trading platform with more than 500 Cryptos to choose from.
What makes Payiza exclusive?
Payiza integrates technology with simplicity to create a platform that functions along diverse verticals. A one-stop platform to help you become cashless in this digital age.
Mobile Topup
Enables a simplified mobile top-up experience with a global network of 600+ mobile operators in over 143 countries. Secure payments made with ease of access and withdrawal at your disposal.
Money Tranfer
Send money anywhere in the world at lightning speed. With a worldwide network of bank accounts in 50+ countries, we ensure safe and secure money transfers.
Payiza Wallet
An eWallet system to make payments to anyone in your network.
Buy & Sell Crypto
Buy and sell from a multitude of Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ether Litecoin, Ripple, and many other anytime you want.
Crypto Trading and Exchange
A super secure trading platform with more than 2100 cryptocurrencies available along with support for 85 currencies.
QR based Payments
Shop anywhere in the world using Payiza’s Global QR code-based payment system. Just scan the code and pay at shopping malls and retail outlets around the globe
A must-have Business Card system for office management
With the advanced Payiza Business Card, you get a seamless hand at managing and controlling your team’s expenses. The Business Card comes integrated with your preferred mode of banking and accounting using Payiza.
Track and monitor your team’s spendings
Manage your team’s expenses by setting limits
Direct tracking of Online & Offline expenses
On-the-go receipt management using Whatsapp
Distributed Ledger Technology: The future of the Internet Of Things
Blockchain technology in its newest form i.e Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has been creating ripples in the market ever since its integration with the cryptocurrency market. It has now come a long way from its cybersecurity days to become the next big thing, bigger than the Internet of Things.

Experts have projected at least 75 billion more connected devices to come online by the year 2025. A larger number of devices will demand a fool-proof system to address complex issues relating to security, cost, and connectivity. In that scenario, DLT seems to be the only viable option that can offer IoT enterprises absolute solutions to their ever-expanding activities.

Simply put, DLT is a digital system that records transactions of assets at multiple places, all at the same time. Contrary to a traditional database, distributed ledgers do not have a central store or administration functionality making it the most secure form of conducting online business.
There is a myriad of benefits associated with making DLT and Blockchain an integral part of the Internet of Things. For instance, all those IoT solutions that currently rely upon a centralized server-client system to establish a connection between devices and services will fall behind on efficiency when the load will increase. What happens when billions of devices begin connecting simultaneously? DLT is the optimum solution to address some of the biggest challenges arising in this industry in the future.
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Make payments or transfer money from anywhere in the world using Payiza.
Payiza Team

5 years of experience in the blockchain industry

Trained over 100+ blockchain professionals

Leading a team of 10 professionals to build the best blockchain solutions

Mo Akram



As a 1st Gen Entrepreneur built Asia’s first Blockchain Experience Centre

Ranked amongst Top 5 whiz kids in India

Vast experience of managing corporate affairs in software development and robotics

Bibin Babu



Jolly Mathur for the last 25 years has been on identifying growth opportunities in new markets, devising winning strategies and implementing the same from the ground level up. He has been extensively involved across diverse business sectors. Jolly has opulent experience in the Value Added Services business in the Telecom sector, which makes him a key driver in the mobile payments vertical. Jolly is a Graduate in Science and Computer Programming from Bombay University.


Jafar Raza is an entrepreneur and philanthropist and has led the development of numerous successful ventures and projects. He is the Chairman of Express Aviation Support International. Express Aviation Support International is an MRO based near London Luton Airport and has been serving the aviation industry for more than 18 years and its reputation is acknowledged by many major airlines around the world.

Jafar Raza

Strategic Advisor


With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, software engineering, operations, and decision analysis, Stuart has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand entrepreneurs’ businesses and craft the most suitable solutions.


Blockchain Advisor | Bastionex Founder


Dr. Javeed Siddiqui has done his Ph.D in IT Management and has more than 20 years experience in thr field of Information Technology. His core expertise is into Networking and IT Infrastructure Management with many certifications under his belt from Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and Vmware. He is also the Managing Director of Kenstar Web Solutions Private Limited which was established in the year 2007.

Javed Siddiqui

VP | Marketing Advisor


Founder & President of AFRICUNIA BANK / Vice President of PAYIZA, Africa

Don Chancellor

VP Operations Africa

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