Core Management Team

5 years of experience in the blockchain industry

Trained over 100+ blockchain professionals

Leading a team of 10 professionals to build the best blockchain solutions

Mo Akram



As a 1st Gen Entrepreneur built Asia’s first Blockchain Experience Centre

Ranked amongst Top 5 whiz kids in India

Vast experience of managing corporate affairs in software development and robotics

Bibin Babu



10+ years of Entrepreneurship in Operations, HR, Contact Centres & Technology

Experienced negotiator with a diverse history of working with brands like Wipro, AT&T, Microsoft, and Dell

Ratan Middha



Ashish is an Engineer and Masters from University of Oxford, England.
He has over 14 years experience in strategic consulting, starting, building as well as successfully exiting businesses across multiple geographies like India, Australia, Japan, the Middle East & Europe.


Marketing Advisor


Dr. Chancellor is the Founder of AFRICUNIA BANK. As an IBM certified Blockchain Expert he's is one of the early adopters and holders of Bitcoin. Though more inclined to the Medical Profession, but coming from the backdrop and admixture of Medical and Banking/Financial family, he is armed with the art of both worlds and thus lays acclaim to many years of practical experiences in related fields. While studying Medicine & Surgery, he single-handedly spearheaded the operations of FASTCASHIER EUROPE LIMITED, now renamed ZeroPay as its Managing Director in charge of Europe Continent.

Don Chancellor

Vice President, Africa


Currently, Stuart is Founder of 4 companies, which is
1.Apprema Pty LTD
2.Ntsr Pty ltd
3.Schaelec Pty ltd
4.Masterhash llc
Work with executive team to investigate new business opportunities around the company’s business needs
• Explore related strategic partners such as blockchain projects, Internet companies, and the financial industry
• Develop business development plans, proposals, and agreements.

Stuart Schade

Blockchain Advisor